My Life on Hold

Okay so my life was supposed to "start" two days ago. Obviously this did not happen because of that stupid hurricane. I knew it was just my luck that I picked a date a month ahead of time and a hurricane hits on the EXACT same day. Ridiculousness. To add insult to injury the hurricane basically disappeared before hitting NYC and so I could have been there anyway.

Here's whats been going on the last few days:

Original Flight: Sunday, August 28th

08/25/11: Realizing that my flight was definitely going to be cancelled on Sunday I called the airline to see if they could bump my flight up a bit so I could beat the storm. I waited on hold for over an hour and finally got through. They said they could get me out the NEXT DAY. I said yes, booked it, and went home and started packing. I cancelled the going away party and informed everyone via Facebook that I would be leaving the next day. I spent a couple hours packing my bags and getting ready. Went to bed knowing I would be in NYC the next day.

: Woke up at 6am to a phone call from my Mother saying that I needed to change my flight because NYC was evacuating due to the storm. After getting online and checking out the storm via Google News I agreed that the flight should be changed. Called the airline and they pushed it back until Thursday, September 1st. Had to message everyone again and explain that the going away party was back on. Battled a migraine all day and was finally able to go to the party. Was having a great time and saw a bunch of friends and had a few cocktails when my family showed up to surprise me! My cousins Kyle, Krystal, & Kory came down from STL along with my Aunt Casey and so I ditched my friends to spend some time with my family.

That's basically what i've been doing since the party is hanging out with my cousin Kyle and waiting for NYC! The plans are still on for Thursday. My bags are still packed and i'm heading to STL today to stay with my aunt until my flight leaves. I'm going to try and get a little bit of R&R before I hit the city ground running. Haven't heard from DKNY yet about when my first day will now be but i'm sure it will probably be on Monday of next week. Can't wait to get started!

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