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Hello everyone! I made it to NYC!!! Since my last blog post SO much has happened. To start, I ended up being impatient and had my flight changed for a third time. I left Wednesday morning at 7:30am and got to New York around 11am (eastern). Here's what happened once I arrived...

I got off the plane, got my bags, got a taxi, and went straight to my building in Brooklyn. Once I was checked in I walked up to my room, opened the door, and saw a MESS. My jaw dropped. There was crap everywhere. Turns out my roommate has been living here since the beginning of summer and was not informed by my building that I would be arriving (most likely because of the hurricane). Now that the room is cleaned up it's not bad at all. My roommate seems pretty cool. He's a finance major and is working on Wall Street every day and is going to school here as well so he's not around much. I don't see us having any problems living together--he's pretty chill.

Lamb & Rice
Once I unpacked my bags I decided to go explore. I walked around outside my building for a while to see what is local. There was a street vendor on the sidewalk right outside my building so I got my first NYC meal---lamb over rice. It was delicious except for the fact that the hot sauce he put on it engulfed my mouth with flames! Once I ate I went to the subway station right next door to my apartment and tried to get a metro pass card. For some reason it would not read my debit card so I decided to keep exploring Brooklyn for a while and try again later. I found some restaurants, grocery stores, a few bodegas nearby, and even some clothing stores. When I went back and tried my card again I was able to successfully get a metro card. Off to Times Square I went.

Outside my building in Brooklyn
I don't completely understand the subway system but I think that's pretty normal for a newbie. I was able, however, to successfully make it to Times Square on my first try. Halfway there I wasn't sure I was on the right track so I asked the guy next to me and he was very nice and told me to get off at 42nd street. Surprisingly enough all of the New Yorkers i've talked to so far have been very friendly and helpful. Once I made it to Times Square I decided to find my office building so I knew exactly where to go for my internship. It was very easy to find and I have a simple commute despite the fact that i'm in Brooklyn and the office is on 40th.

$5 Sunglasses from a street vendor
After I found the office I decided to go look around! The place I spent the most time was H&M looking at the clothes. I LOVE that store. Such great style for AMAZING prices. Cape Girardeau definitely needs one. After finding a super great button-down shirt at H&M for $15 I found a really cool new pair of sunglasses at a street vendor for $5! Great deals so far. Those are the only two items i've purchased since i've been here other than food/things I need for my place.

DKNY Notebook

I headed back to my apartment, realized I didn't have any dress pants for some reason, (they're still MIA) so I headed BACK to Times Square to look for a pair. Well that's when I ended up getting lost, walked around for forever, ended up on the L to some shady part of Brooklyn, and didn't make it home until 11pm. I am still sore because I walked around for about 10 hours my first day. Oops...

My beautiful office building!
The next day (yesterday) I started my internship at DKNY. It wasn't the most exciting first day as I was doing data entry the whole time but I was so so so excited to be there. The office was very nice--minimalist design in all black and white. My supervisor was super nice and seems like she's going to be fun to work for. Her and everyone there were super cute, stylish, gorgeous. In fact, everyone in NYC is gorgeous. I feel like the poorest person here because i'm not wearing Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or Armani. I have never seen so many people where designer clothing in my life and even though I feel inadequate I absolutely love it.

First Day Outfit
(H&M Dress Shirt, AE Jeans, Lounge by Mark Nason Shoes, Kenneth Cole Belt)
On my lunch break I went to a sandwich shop called Prêt a Manger and had a tuna salad sandwich, some organic popcorn flavored with sea salt, and iced green tea. (I'm trying to be healthy while i'm here) It was a really cool place because they're main thing is that everything they have is fresh, made that day, and whatever sandwiches they don't sell that day goes to a homeless shelter that night. Looking back I realize that by eating there I basically stole a sandwich from a homeless man so i'm still trying to deal with that...

Anyway... I didn't want to ask a thousand questions on my first day so I don't have a whole lot to say about it yet. Like I said, pretty uneventful first day. But i'm so excited for what is to come next. I don't work again until Tuesday because of the long holiday weekend so I'll hopefully get a chance to ask more questions and find out what else i'll be doing. I will make sure to blog again then to update you all.

After work I was so super exhausted I came home, unpacked the rest of my boxes that arrived, and chilled for the rest of the day. Last night I explored Brooklyn some more but didn't go too far because the blisters on my feet are not okay with that. I found a Häagen-Dazs store down the street which is going to be really hard to ignore during my diet...

Well this blog is getting a little long-winded so I apologize. I didn't get to post until now because somehow in the excitement of me leaving MO I managed to leave my MacBook charger at my mother's house and just now got it in the mail. I'm taking it easy today. Not going anywhere, just recovering. I've slept in, taken a bath, took a nap, went and bought a bottle of wine and some lunch and plan on drinking the bottle and getting ready for tomorrow!!! I'll keep you updated with anything else exciting I do and post some more pics below!

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Center of the Fashion District
Somehow stumbled upon St. Patrick's Cathedral
Oh, hello...
Radio City
Parsons The New School for Design (across the street from my office)
Empire State Building
I found love on my first day in NYC!

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