Fashion is the new F-Word

It has been SO long since my last blog and I am just now finding the time/energy to write my next post. Life in the city can really take it out of you on a daily basis, let me tell you. I've started a list on my iPhone of things to blog about (so I wouldn't forget) and have come up over the past week and a half with a list as random as could be. This post will have a different format than my previous ones and I will be posting main points of interesting things that have happened.
  • Since i've been in the city i've figured out New Yorkers really do get a bad wrap as being mean-spirited busy-bodies. I've witnessed many acts of kindness since i've been here. I've seen people give up their seat on the subway to a woman holding a lot of bags. I saw a man who's hat blew off and a little boy ran to catch it for him. These random acts of kindness always put a smile on my face.
  • I saw this bride on the subway. I think it would be kind of a downer if I had to take the subway on my wedding day. I would splurge and at least take a taxi, if not a town car...

  • A lot of the food here, while very delicious, is very different than what i'm used to. For example, I went to a pasta restaurant called "We Love Pasta" and ordered pasta con broccoli. It was delicious but nothing like what my step-dad makes back home. And today I was craving a chimichanga like what I would get at El Acapulco back home. I asked my supervisor where some good mexican places were near Times Square and she said "Chipotle is right around the corner. We've got Del Taco down the street..." I decided to google it in order to find some REAL mexican food. I found a place, ordered a chimichanga (which my supervisor had never heard of) and it had all kinds of peppers and onions and while it was delicious, it was nothing like El Torerro or El Acapulco. 
  • I was standing outside the Donna Karan building and saw a man walking. Randomly a piece of trash fell from the sky (I think it was the lid to a McDonald's cup) and hit him while he was walking. He stopped, looked at the ground, then looked right at me and said "Whatever" and kept walking. I could tell he was a New York native.
  • For any of those smokers out there reading this blog, you would die at the prices of a pack of cigarettes in the city. I remember complaining back home when having to pay almost $6 for a pack. Well now i'm really upset because cigarettes are anywhere from ELEVEN to FIFTEEN DOLLARS PER PACK! How crazy is that? I suppose that's why any time i'm smoking one it's a guarantee that someone is going to either ask me to just give them one (which I always refuse) or will pay you a dollar for a cigarette. I honestly feel like I could make a lot of money if I just stood on the corner for an afternoon smoking cigarettes and selling them for a dollar each. 
  • I saw this guy on the subway and it made my day:
  • I saw a sign in a subway station (don't remember which one) that said "A crowded subway car is no excuse for unwanted sexual harassment." When I read this I thought it was pretty sad that a sign had to be made stating this as if someone had used it as an "excuse" in the past. "I'm sorry officer but the subway was really crowded and I got a little randy! It's not my fault!" 
  • At Donna Karan I have had the opportunity in the last couple weeks to help not only my supervisor, but other employees as well. One day I got to assist the Assistant Buyer for Donna Karan Collection. We were putting together boards with looks and styles from the most recent Donna Karan New York fashion show during Fashion Week. That was so fun! I really like when I have the opportunity to work closer with the merchandise. 
  • One of the girls on our floor came back from lunch one day and was SO excited because she had spotted Beyonce walking from her car into a building while out in Times Square. That's the perks of having an office building on 40th!
  • Okay so with my previous statement about sexual harassment on the subway this is going to make me sound like a hypocrite. I was on my way to the Upper East Side during rush hour the other day and was on the most crowded subway ever. We were packed in tighter than Pringles in a can. Well somehow I ended up with a lovely older woman's backside right up against my crotch and was not able to move AT ALL. I know that a crowded subway is no excuse for sexual harassment but in this situation I couldn't tell who's fault it really was...
  • There are a lot of dogs in the city. Dogs do business on the sidewalk--as is normal. What's not normal is watching a dogs owner holding the bag below them waiting for it to fall directly into their bag-covered hand before it even hits the pavement. That's a little too far. While it was pouring down rain I also saw a dog straddle a puddle and do his business there... Oh the things you'll see here...
  • On the subway ride home one evening there were a couple of German girls carrying a giant bugs bunny. They were laughing hysterically and talking loudly with a thick German accent. It was entertaining unit they decided to start moving around the crowded subway car and managed to hit every single passenger in the face with his ears. "Why I oughta!"
  • With how many beggars and homeless people there are on the streets asking for money you'd think that surely some of them are doing pretty well for themselves. The thought didn't cross my mind until a homeless man on the subway made the generic plea announcing "Ladies and Gentleman" as if he were the ring leader at the circus. "I am currently homeless" (as if it wasn't obvious). The thing that I noticed, however, was that when he held out his hand I saw how perfectly manicured is hands were. Cuticles trimmed back, clean nails that had obviously been buffed, and I even detected a thing layer of clear coat. I was not about to give this man any money because if I don't have the money for a manicure why should he?
  • I happened across a random street fair when visiting my friend on the Upper East Side. Just stumbled across it on my way home. This guy was hysterical:

Oh and these people were pretty entertaining as well. Watch the older lady in the back. So funny! I could never bring myself to exercise in public...

These Mozzarepas were the best thing ever. Basically a grilled cheese sandwich with mozzarella and corn bread. Amazing!

I went to an Oh Land concert the other night at the Bowery Ballroom not knowing quite what to expect. Most people have never heard of them but they're an amazing group and I highly recommend you check them out. They were outstanding live--very high energy. It was a great show. 

Coming up this weekend:
  • It's Brooklyn Fashion weekend this weekend! I'll be helping out with the shows on Saturday and Sunday!
  • I have a job interview at PinkBerry on Friday at noon--Wish me luck!
  • Friday evening i'll be going to the DKNY store on Madison Ave. and helping them with their inventory. Will be a good opportunity to meet the employees in the store and get more hands-on with the merchandise. 
  • October 5th I will be going to see Deadmau5 live. Is going to be so great!

I will be doing my best this weekend to post as things happen so that my blog is not completely disorganized and random like this post happens to be. As always, subscribe if you like my blog. It's easy. Just click "Follow" on the right-hand side of your screen. Until next time...

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