My Life on Hold

Okay so my life was supposed to "start" two days ago. Obviously this did not happen because of that stupid hurricane. I knew it was just my luck that I picked a date a month ahead of time and a hurricane hits on the EXACT same day. Ridiculousness. To add insult to injury the hurricane basically disappeared before hitting NYC and so I could have been there anyway.

Here's whats been going on the last few days:

Original Flight: Sunday, August 28th

08/25/11: Realizing that my flight was definitely going to be cancelled on Sunday I called the airline to see if they could bump my flight up a bit so I could beat the storm. I waited on hold for over an hour and finally got through. They said they could get me out the NEXT DAY. I said yes, booked it, and went home and started packing. I cancelled the going away party and informed everyone via Facebook that I would be leaving the next day. I spent a couple hours packing my bags and getting ready. Went to bed knowing I would be in NYC the next day.

: Woke up at 6am to a phone call from my Mother saying that I needed to change my flight because NYC was evacuating due to the storm. After getting online and checking out the storm via Google News I agreed that the flight should be changed. Called the airline and they pushed it back until Thursday, September 1st. Had to message everyone again and explain that the going away party was back on. Battled a migraine all day and was finally able to go to the party. Was having a great time and saw a bunch of friends and had a few cocktails when my family showed up to surprise me! My cousins Kyle, Krystal, & Kory came down from STL along with my Aunt Casey and so I ditched my friends to spend some time with my family.

That's basically what i've been doing since the party is hanging out with my cousin Kyle and waiting for NYC! The plans are still on for Thursday. My bags are still packed and i'm heading to STL today to stay with my aunt until my flight leaves. I'm going to try and get a little bit of R&R before I hit the city ground running. Haven't heard from DKNY yet about when my first day will now be but i'm sure it will probably be on Monday of next week. Can't wait to get started!


My Life Starts in 6 Days

So my flight is on Sunday which is only six days away. How crazy is that?! I have not even begun to get fully prepared for it. I don't even have any clean laundry! I haven't had time what with shopping for a new wardrobe and hanging out with my friends as much as possible before I leave. But no worries, it will get done.

So a little update on what i'm going to be doing in NYC:

First of all, I still don't have any earthly idea who my roommates will be when I move into the St. George Studio on Sunday. In fact, I don't even know what the room is like. I have a feeling that it's going to be "The Real World" style and be three beds in a room. I'm hoping, however, that $5000 a month from the three of us will be enough to pay for our own rooms with walls and everything.

Also, I still haven't heard anything back from the people at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week about volunteering (and i'm not sure I will) but I found an event in Brooklyn called Brooklyn Fashion Week{end} . I e-mailed the organization that is putting on the event and they replied and said they will be sending me info on the meeting to find out what i'll be doing! Very excited. It's not as many big-name designers like MBFW but there will be a lot of new young designers that aren't in the mainstream. Very exciting stuff!

I'll be posting within the next week with pics of what my first day outfit will be (once I finally decide). Also, if you're in the Cape Girardeau area my going away party is this Friday night at The Library. So far I know a lot of great people are planning on attending and it should be a great time! Come join!


Three Weeks and Counting...

My e-mail inbox is freaking me out right now. I've got my plane ticket confirmation, housing confirmation, my letter of recommendation, etc. It's insane that i've only got a few more weeks left in Cape Girardeau before i'm in the big apple.

I've gotten confirmation from my immediate supervisor on my start date with DKNY and have officially turned in my letter of resignation at Velosity. The weekend I leave is going to be absolutely insane. It is as follows...
08/26: Last dat at Velosity
08/28: Move to NYC
08/29: First day at DKNY
HOLY INSANITY! I'm super excited though. I would rather do it all at once and be crazy busy than have it spread out and have too much time to think about it all and get nervous.

Also, I found out that i'll be working this year's "Fashion's Nigh Out" event at the DKNY store in NYC.  It's been called the "best fashion party in history" and it's supposed to "be even better this year". It's a star-studded event where fashion retail locations stay open late and host designer appearances, celebrity guests, fashion shows, and musical performances. It's going to be HUGE and I cannot wait.

I've also emailed another fashion company in New York City offering my time voluntarily during fashion week to help out in any way I can. No word back yet on if I will or not but I will keep you posted!

One final thought. I have been telling everyone how excited I am about NYC. "I'm so excited!" etc. Well after saying "excited" a million times i've decided to find a list of other words that describe how I feel about moving to the big city. They are listed below:

  • aflutter
  • thrilled
  • elated
  • anxious
  • nervous
  • stoked
  • pumped
  • ecstatic
  • overjoyed
  • delighted
  • eager
  • giddy
  • titillated
Stay tuned for the big day! 20 days!!!


In The Beginning...

Okay so this sounds extremely cheesy but you know at the end of The Little Mermaid (favorite childhood movie) when Ariel is singing the song "Part of Your World" and she said "I don't know when, I don't know how, but I know something's starting right now. Watch and you'll see, someday i'll be part of your world." Well I pretty much feel like singing that right now. Ridiculous, I know. But it's true! I am about to be part of the insane world that is New York City.

Through some miracle (it had to be a miracle) I have landed an internship at DKNY. Now for those of you who don't follow fashion DKNY is a brand by Donna Karan who is a MAJOR fashion designer. Her clothes can be seen being worn by celebrities on the red carpet to put into perspective how big of a deal she is. It's an amazing company and an amazing opportunity. I sent them my resume and cover letter, had my first interview, my second interview, and got the internship! I can't wait to get started! I'm not sure exactly what i'm going to be doing on a daily basis but I know that i'll be helping with their sweepstakes, marketing, etc. I emailed my supervisor and asked if I was going to be able to work the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and i'm praying that I do. Oh and PS. the office i'll be working at is in Times Square!!!

Obviously with all of this going on I have a LOT of planning to do. Luckily, i've already found a place to live. It wasn't my first choice but it's still amazing. My first choice was a building that was literally down the street from the DKNY offices. I called at 10am and they had it available. Two hours later it was sold. Since then i've found a beautiful building in Brooklyn. It's an easy subway ride to the city and has everything I could want. You can see the video and info by clicking here.

I've still got to get my plane ticket, secure my loan, pack my stuff, etc. But my official move-in date is August 28th!!! My official start date for DKNY is September 1st. I'll be keeping up with this blog for the duration of the internship and will document my trip from beginning to end. Stay tuned and let's see if my dreams really will come true!