Three Weeks and Counting...

My e-mail inbox is freaking me out right now. I've got my plane ticket confirmation, housing confirmation, my letter of recommendation, etc. It's insane that i've only got a few more weeks left in Cape Girardeau before i'm in the big apple.

I've gotten confirmation from my immediate supervisor on my start date with DKNY and have officially turned in my letter of resignation at Velosity. The weekend I leave is going to be absolutely insane. It is as follows...
08/26: Last dat at Velosity
08/28: Move to NYC
08/29: First day at DKNY
HOLY INSANITY! I'm super excited though. I would rather do it all at once and be crazy busy than have it spread out and have too much time to think about it all and get nervous.

Also, I found out that i'll be working this year's "Fashion's Nigh Out" event at the DKNY store in NYC.  It's been called the "best fashion party in history" and it's supposed to "be even better this year". It's a star-studded event where fashion retail locations stay open late and host designer appearances, celebrity guests, fashion shows, and musical performances. It's going to be HUGE and I cannot wait.

I've also emailed another fashion company in New York City offering my time voluntarily during fashion week to help out in any way I can. No word back yet on if I will or not but I will keep you posted!

One final thought. I have been telling everyone how excited I am about NYC. "I'm so excited!" etc. Well after saying "excited" a million times i've decided to find a list of other words that describe how I feel about moving to the big city. They are listed below:

  • aflutter
  • thrilled
  • elated
  • anxious
  • nervous
  • stoked
  • pumped
  • ecstatic
  • overjoyed
  • delighted
  • eager
  • giddy
  • titillated
Stay tuned for the big day! 20 days!!!

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