My Life Starts in 6 Days

So my flight is on Sunday which is only six days away. How crazy is that?! I have not even begun to get fully prepared for it. I don't even have any clean laundry! I haven't had time what with shopping for a new wardrobe and hanging out with my friends as much as possible before I leave. But no worries, it will get done.

So a little update on what i'm going to be doing in NYC:

First of all, I still don't have any earthly idea who my roommates will be when I move into the St. George Studio on Sunday. In fact, I don't even know what the room is like. I have a feeling that it's going to be "The Real World" style and be three beds in a room. I'm hoping, however, that $5000 a month from the three of us will be enough to pay for our own rooms with walls and everything.

Also, I still haven't heard anything back from the people at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week about volunteering (and i'm not sure I will) but I found an event in Brooklyn called Brooklyn Fashion Week{end} . I e-mailed the organization that is putting on the event and they replied and said they will be sending me info on the meeting to find out what i'll be doing! Very excited. It's not as many big-name designers like MBFW but there will be a lot of new young designers that aren't in the mainstream. Very exciting stuff!

I'll be posting within the next week with pics of what my first day outfit will be (once I finally decide). Also, if you're in the Cape Girardeau area my going away party is this Friday night at The Library. So far I know a lot of great people are planning on attending and it should be a great time! Come join!

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