Best Monday Ever

When I was on my way to work this morning I got off the subway dreary-eyed from the long holiday weekend. I was walking up to the street when off to my right I saw a homeless man with trousers dropped, doing his business on the floor right in front of everyone. I almost got sick from the sight and thought "Oh great, this is how my Monday is going to be". Boy was I wrong!

Well now that you have that DISGUSTING visual in your head (it was worse in real life) I can tell you that almost immediately after this happened my day turned around. I was standing outside the DKNY building and Aliza Licht, the PR Goddess that is the DKNY PR Girl, walked right past me and into the building. How I've managed to go this long without seeing her is a mystery to me but I was so excited I immediately contacted her in the best way I knew how--Twitter. Being the active Tweet-addict that she is I almost immediately got a response. Joy! Seeing her on the sidewalk reminded me that I still had not had my meeting with her. I decided to email the woman from Human Resources I had talked to and she replied right away and asked if today would be okay. Obviously I was elated and gladly accepted my 3 o'clock appointment.

Before I went to meet Ms. Licht I created a list of all the questions I wanted to ask her. I'm not sure that I ended up asking her any of them now because I was too fascinated at the time with what she was saying and doing that I forgot I had even prepared anything at all. 

She asked if I have enjoyed my internship thus far at Donna Karan and so of course I told her about how great everything is here, how much I love New York, and how I'm going to need more Prozac than Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh when I move back to Missouri. When I told her about the events I've gotten to participate in she asked if I was putting them all on my resume to which I responded "Yes. And my blog." Being the social-media Queen in the fashion world I didn't expect her to pull up this blog right then and there but she sure did! She didn't have all day to read it at length but she said it looked very nice and to keep it up. Then we talked about Twitter, how to make it back to NYC, networking, etc. I learned a lot and am definitely going to put what she told me into action because I know she was right.

Meeting Aliza was definitely the highlight of my day but it wasn't the only good thing to happen on this quizzically warm November day. I also spoke with the assistant to the buyer again and found out I can definitely go to the next Donna Karan Collection photo shoot in December! I was worried, at first, that I might not be able to because of the dates conflicting with my flight schedule but it's been added to my calendar for December 20th--One day before I move back to Missouri. I mean, what better way to say goodbye to New York City than with a Donna Karan photo shoot?

Okay well now that I've covered my extremely exciting Monday let me catch you up on how my Thanksgiving went! I finally got to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live and in person. The MTDP has been playing on the television in my family's home every Thanksgiving as far back as I remember so to actually be there and see the Hello Kitty balloon in real life was really something to see. Plenty of pics below.

Other than the parade the day was quite uneventful. I managed to sleep my way through the Thanksgiving dinner that my building had made and decided to make a hasty last-minute reservation at a restaurant called Brasserie. Let me just say that anyone who goes out to eat in NYC should ALWAYS do their research before dining. While the meal was delicious, my total after tip was $90 for just myself. For a broke college kid like myself, receiving the bill for that meal felt similar to what I imagine an aneurism to feel like. I guess that's what Ramen noodles are for...

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Photos:

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