Yet Another Chance of a Lifetime!

Hello everyone! I had an amazing day at my internship today. It seems the best days on the job are the days when I get the chance to help out in a different department other than marketing and meet new and interesting people. Well today I got the chance to help out in the human resources department. I was going through a stack of a thousand papers and paper-clipping, removing staples, etc. while talking to the woman who is in charge of the entire internship program. We got to chatting and she was asking where i'm from, why I chose Donna Karan, what I want to do someday, etc. When I told her about how i'm becoming more interested in the PR aspect of fashion and event planning she gave me an amazing offer. But before you can understand the offer is, i'll give you some background information. 
DKNY has a woman in their PR department that is in charge of their Twitter account and also writes a blog for them on a daily basis. Her tweets are so interesting, funny, fashion-conscious, and note-worthy that she now has 361,036 followers and counting. After a few years of tweeting she got a Tumblr account and she even has her own section on DKNY.com of her favorite pieces! Now the super interesting part of all this is that she is anonymous. Her pictures are always animated pictures that an in-house designer sketches for her and no one has an idea who she is. When I first started following her online I tried for well over an hour before I finally gave up trying to find this elusive mystery woman. Since starting my internship at DKNY i've learned her name but have yet to actually see her (at least to my knowledge).
Well as i'm sure you've inferred by this point, the human resources woman I was talking to said "I'll have to  get you a meeting with -----" I was shocked. I just smiled and casually said "That would be great" but inside I was freaking out almost as much as the night I met Donna Karan herself. What an amazing opportunity sit down and talk with a woman who is literally at the top of the fashion PR food chain. She's to fashion PR what Rachel Zoe is to styling. And the fact that she's anonymous just makes it that much cooler. 
I plan on asking her a lot of questions about how to get started in PR, upcoming events I could volunteer for in the city, and tips for writing a successful blog. I would love any suggestions on questions I should ask when I get my meeting with her so please either email me (jmanjory@gmail.com), comment on this post, write on my Facebook wall, or Tweet me @jmanjory

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